Porcelain Tiles
People prefer porcelain tiles for commercial spaces where foot traffic is more as such tiles are durable, dense, low maintenance and resist liquid and stains. Customers are free to select the size and colour of these tiles.
Elevation Tiles
Elevation tiles are big and thick tiles that are laid out on building façade. These tiles enhance the look of any residential or commercial building. There are durable tiles which can be maintained with ease.
Step Riser Tiles
Step riser tiles are provided in different colours, textures and designs to choose from for installation on steps of any building. These tiles are mainly offered in matte finish to avoid any kind of slip and fall accident.
Full Body Vitrified Tiles
Full body vitrified tiles offered in 600x600 size is suitable for flooring installation. These are durable tiles which when laid down on floor provide uniform and clean look to any space.

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